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It is undeniable that women seek connections, a sense of community, and meaningful relationships with their fellow sisters. These connections become lifelines, providing support, guidance, and the simple joy of companionship. Over the past decade, Bangalore has witnessed significant changes in the lives of women, yet there remains much to be accomplished. “Better Together” is a unique opportunity to cultivate a community for career-oriented women, offering a safe haven for support, guidance, and camaraderie.

Embracing Bangalore’s Talent and Promise:

Bangalore, known for its immense talent and promise, attracts young girls with ambitious dreams, aspiring to create lives they never thought possible. Each woman in this vibrant city, whether building a career or running a business, carries a remarkable story. “Better Together” serves as a platform where these stories take centre stage, basking in the spotlight they deserve. It is a community dedicated to ambitious, independent women who strive to build a better future for the girls of tomorrow.

Sharing Our Stories and Empowering Each Other:

Within the “Better Together” community, we are encouraged to come together and share our stories. Our experiences, triumphs, and struggles are valuable treasures that can inspire, motivate, and provide insights to others on their own journeys. By extending a helping hand to one another, we strengthen our collective power and realize the true potential of building a community. Together, we become stronger, our voices grow louder, and our lives become better.

Better Together Event:

Keynote Speakers-

  • Yota Trom, Founder of Together in Tech, London [LinkedIn]
  • Rav Bumbra, Founder of Cajigo, London [LinkedIn]
  • Priyanka Gangishetty, Director, IT consulting firm [LinkedIn]
  • Sandhya Vasudevan, TiE Board member & FinTech Chair
    Independent Director & strategic consultant [Linkedin]
  • Chitra Sampathkumar Singh, Founder @ SalesWomentoring, Sales Mentor & Inspirer [Linkedin]
  • Susheema Vidyaratnaraj, Co-Founder and JMD of SYConE CPMC Pvt Ltd [LinkedIn]
  • Akshitha Bopanna, Senior Manager, Management Consulting Firm [LinkedIn]

Event Partners-

  • Dexter Capital Advisors – [Website] Dexter Capital Advisors is a boutique investment bank focused on providing the best in class services to growth-stage companies as well as new-age entrepreneurs in the early-stage funding process.
  • The Indus Group of Entrepreneurs – [Website] The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) fosters entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education.
  • Women’s Web – [Website] Women’s Web is an online media tech company in India. Their mission is to increase the participation of Indian women in the paid workforce by connecting millions of Indian women with the resources, tools and opportunities from enterprises. They are India’s only digital platform that enables women at work through content and community. Since 2010, Women’s Web has grown from being a user-generated media platform, to a platform that enables urban women to seek faster success in the early or mid stages of their careers or business.
  • HeadStart- [Website] Headstart Network is India’s largest volunteer-driven grass root level organization supporting entrepreneurship and startups with a presence in 20+ cities and conducts 200+ meetups across India impacting over 20k lives through its activities.
  • Karnataka Digital Economy Mission- [Website] The Karnataka Digital Economy Mission is a non-profit organization created to serve as a knowledge bridge between the state government and industry, with the goal of speeding the growth and investment in the state’s IT, BT, and S&T sectors.
  • Microsoft for Startups Founder’s Hub- [Website] Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a digital ecosystem removing barriers to building a company with free access to technology, coaching, and support for founders in any stage of development

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