About Project Exodus-

‘Project Exodus’ is a platform which offers opportunities for musicians, singers, composers, lyricists and music lovers to come aboard and revolutionise the music industry. This platform is one of a kind because they provide their members with a fantastic opportunity of not just entertainment, but also tangibly benefit from our endeavours.

Project Exodus has performed in various top-notch venues such as Skydeck by Sherlock, Taproom by Sherlock, Casa Picossa, and many more. Some of the other venues are Club VII, The Fixx, Fox in the Field and Gorilla Barfare. The artists with Project Exodus have the potential to attract a fanbase and customer base. This, in turn, helps venues garner more customers, business, and recognition.

Project Exodus Live Performance at Stone Street-

The band performed at Stone Street by Bhive, located in the plush area of BTM Layout, on 17 June 2023. The live performance featured 11 artists who delivered a diverse range of songs, including Western, Bollywood, and regional music. The evening was filled with captivating music and dancing, creating a delightful experience for families and friends who attended the event from 8:00 to 10:30 PM. The band’s performance at Stone Street received an overwhelming response, with a massive turnout and tremendous success.

Moreover, Project Exodus continually captivates music enthusiasts through its innovative approach to the industry. The platform pushes boundaries with its exceptional roster of talented musicians, singers, composers, and lyricists. The band’s recent live performance at Stone Street by Bhive serves as a testament to their exceptional talent, eliciting an overwhelming response and firmly establishing them as trailblazers in the music scene.


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