Stone Street restaurant is strategically positioned for easy accessibility and convenience. Whether you’re approaching from different directions or relying on public transportation, finding the restaurant is a breeze. Read further to understand how to reach the restaurant easily.

How to reach Stone Street from different locations-

Stone Street restaurant situates itself in a highly visible location, ensuring easy spotting and locating. It conveniently positions itself opposite the Axa Building and Military Hotel. To the immediate right of the restaurant lies the scenic Madiwala Lake, marking it as yet another common landmark. The restaurant is located just above the Kuvempunagara Bus Terminal. 

  • If you’re coming from the HSR side, you’ll find the restaurant after the Silk Board circle, before the first signal(Axa Signal).
  •  If you’re coming from Banashankari or Jayanagar, you’ll find the restaurant before the Silk Board on your right. You can avoid the silk board by taking the right turn before the silk board and entering the restaurant through Gates 2 or 3.
  • If you’re approaching from Koramangala, Stone Street will be to the right of the Silk Board circle, and about 100m from there before the first signal.
  • For those coming from Hosur or Kudlu Gate, the restaurant will be on the left side of the Silk Board. You can even avoid the silk board by following Lake Road and entering Stone Street from Gate 2 or 3.
  • If you are travelling from JP Nagar, follow the Madiwala Lake Road coming towards Silk Board and enter the restaurant from Gate 2 or 3.

Directions to Stone Street

There are significant Stone Street or Garuda Bhive Workspace boards put up to identify the building as well.


Stone Street restaurant situates itself in an accessible location, guaranteeing a hassle-free dining experience. In terms of transportation, Stone Street restaurant offers convenient options. A bus stop is located less than 50 meters away, ensuring easy access to public transportation. it is important to note that though the metro line passes right in front of the restaurant, it is currently not operational.  Nevertheless, cab and auto services such as Ola (click here), Uber (click here), Rapido (click here), and Namma Yatri (click here) recognize Stone Street as a landmark, simplifying transportation arrangements.

Landmark – Garuda BHIVE Workspace

A significant landmark for  Stone Street restaurant is the Garuda BHIVE Workspace. The Restaurant is on the same campus as the workspace. This recognizable landmark helps visitors easily identify the vicinity of the restaurant, serving as a useful point of reference for those unfamiliar with the area.

There are 3 gates to enter the campus. (refer above for image description)

  • Gate 1 is from the main road and gives direct entry to Stone Street restaurant.
  • Gate 2 is from Lake Road which takes one directly to the parking lot.
  • Gate 3 is also from Lake Road and is more accessible to those wanting to avoid the Silk Board traffic while coming from Jayanagar or Banashankari.

In conclusion, the location of Stone Street restaurant offers unparalleled convenience and accessibility. With its easy-to-spot position, clear directions from different directions, close proximity to public transportation, and prominent landmarks, guests can effortlessly reach the restaurant and enjoy a memorable dining experience.

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