Check out Top Restaurants in Koramangala, Bangalore

Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, Koramangala is a vibrant neighbourhood renowned for its buzzing food scene. With a diverse range of culinary offerings, this area attracts food enthusiasts from far and wide. In this blog, we will explore some of the top restaurants in Koramangala that promise a delightful gastronomic journey.


Timings– 11 am-12 am

Address: Ground and Mezzanine floor, Garuda BHIVE Workspace, BMTC Complex, Old Madiwala, Kuvempu Nagar, Stage 2, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068

Highlights: Serves alcohol, Screenings, Outdoor and indoor seating, Takeaway available, Open Air seating,

Cuisines: Pan-Asian, Continental, Indian, Fast Food, Japanese, Coastal, Tex-Mex

Must Haves: Ghee Roast, Sourdough pizza, Nachos platter, Melon Salad, Sushi, Pasta, Kebabs, Ice Cream, Cocktails, Cocktails, Coffee, Desserts

Stone Street Bar & Restaurant, where unique ambiance meets exquisite dining. With both indoor and outdoor seating options with 700 seater capacity, the restaurant provides a delightful setting for any occasion. Indulge in handcrafted drinks and cocktails while savouring the flavors from seven distinct brands, including Shetty’s Lunch Home, Flippy Dough Pizzeria, Oishi Sushi Bar, Kebap Tavern, Frozen Treats, Stone Street Bar and Kitchen, and La Grande Cafe. Whether you crave Indian, Italian, Japanese, Continental, Turkish, or more, they offer a diverse range of cuisines. They also have regular live music events, DJ Music, a Happy Hours menu, and thrilling screenings, making it the perfect hangout destination.

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2. Truffles

Truffles is a legendary burger joint in Koramangala that has won the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Known for its juicy, flavorful burgers and delectable sides, Truffles is a must-visit for burger aficionados. The laid-back ambiance and generous portion sizes make it a perfect spot to satisfy your cravings for comfort food.

Top Restaurants in Koramangala, Bangalore


3. Fenny’s

Fenny’s is a popular pub and restaurant in Koramangala that offers a unique blend of Goan and Mediterranean cuisine. With its vibrant and lively atmosphere, Fenny’s is a go-to place for a fun night out with friends. From seafood delights to mezze platters, their menu is a tantalizing mix of flavors that will leave you craving for more.

Top Restaurants in Koramangala


4. Gilly’s Redefined

Gilly’s Redefined is a multi-cuisine restaurant and entertainment hub that offers a unique amalgamation of food, music, and events. With its eclectic menu spanning various cuisines, Gilly’s Redefined caters to diverse palates. Enjoy a delicious meal while immersing yourself in live music performances and other entertaining activities.

Restaurants in Koramangala


5. The Reservoire

The Reservoire is a trendy gastropub that offers an extensive menu of global cuisine and a wide selection of craft beers. From innovative appetizers to hearty mains, their dishes are crafted with finesse and creativity. The Reservoire’s contemporary ambiance and live music make it a popular spot for social gatherings and casual hangouts.

Top Restaurants Koramangala


6. Boho

Boho is a charming cafe known for its cozy ambiance and scrumptious comfort food. From all-day breakfast options to delectable sandwiches and pasta, Boho has something for everyone. Indulge in their delightful desserts and specialty beverages while soaking in the artsy and bohemian vibes.


7. Koramangala Socials

Koramangala Socials is a vibrant and quirky hangout spot that serves delicious food and innovative cocktails. From classic dishes with a modern twist to unique fusion creations, their menu is a delightful culinary adventure. The trendy decor and lively atmosphere make it a perfect place to unwind and socialize.



8. Nasi and Mee

For lovers of Asian street food, Nasi and Mee is a hidden gem in Koramangala. This cozy restaurant specializes in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine, offering authentic flavors and aromatic dishes. Don’t miss their signature Nasi Lemak and flavorful Laksa for a truly immersive experience.


9. The Boozy Griffin

The Boozy Griffin is a popular Irish pub in Koramangala that offers an extensive range of spirits, cocktails, and mouthwatering pub grub. With its lively atmosphere and warm hospitality, this place is perfect for a casual night out with friends. Indulge in their signature burgers, nachos, and finger-licking bar snacks while sipping on your favorite drink.


10. Chin Lung’s

Chin Lung’s is a beloved Chinese restaurant in Koramangala that serves up a wide variety of delectable Chinese dishes. From flavorful dim sum to aromatic stir-fries and sizzling hotpots, their menu is a treasure trove of authentic flavors. The elegant ambiance and attentive service add to the overall charm of this culinary gem.


11. Babylonia

Babylonia is a delightful cafe that brings the flavors of the Middle East to JP Nagar. With its menu featuring dishes like falafel wraps, hummus, and shawarmas, Babylonia offers a taste of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The cozy ambiance and friendly staff create a welcoming atmosphere for a relaxed dining experience.



What are some of the top restaurants in Koramangala, Bangalore?

Several top-notch restaurants are worth exploring when dining out in Koramangala, Bangalore. These establishments offer a delightful culinary experience with diverse cuisines and exceptional service. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, Koramangala has something for everyone.

One of the highly recommended restaurants in Koramangala is “THE STONE STREET,” known for its delectable Indian cuisine and warm ambience. With an extensive menu featuring vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, THE STONE STREET always impresses with its flavorful dishes and impeccable hospitality.

“THE STONE STREET” is a popular choice for those craving authentic Italian flavours. Their wood-fired pizzas made with fresh ingredients and traditional techniques will transport your taste buds to Italy. The cosy yet vibrant atmosphere at THE STONE STREET adds to the overall dining experience.

If you’re in the mood for Asian fusion cuisine, “DEF Bistro” is another must-visit restaurant in Koramangala. With its innovative menu combining flavours from various Asian cultures, DEF Bistro offers a unique culinary journey that will leave you wanting more.

Lastly, seafood lovers shouldn’t miss out on “THE STONE STREET,” which specializes in serving fresh seafood delicacies prepared with expertise. THE STONE STREET guarantees an unforgettable seafood feast, from succulent prawns to mouthwatering fish preparations.

These are just a few examples of the top restaurants that grace Koramangala’s culinary scene. Each establishment offers distinct charm and culinary delights that cater to different palates and preferences. So go ahead and indulge yourself in the gastronomic wonders that this vibrant neighbourhood has to offer!

Which restaurant in Koramangala offers the best ambience and dining experience?

The Stone Street restaurant, Koramangala, best ambience, dining experience

Can you recommend any hidden gems or lesser-known restaurants in Koramangala?

When it comes to exploring the culinary scene in Koramangala, there are a few hidden gems that often go unnoticed. If you’re looking for a unique dining experience or want to try something new, these lesser-known restaurants are worth checking out.

Next time you’re in Koramangala and looking for something off the beaten path, try these lesser-known restaurants. You never know what culinary delights await you!

Are there any vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Koramangala that stand out?

When it comes to finding vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Koramangala, you’ll be pleased to know that several standout options are available. Whether you’re a vegetarian or simply looking for a meat-free dining experience, Koramangala has a range of eateries that cater to your dietary preferences.

One such restaurant that stands out is “Green Leaf Bistro.” Known for its extensive vegetarian menu, this establishment offers a variety of delectable dishes made from fresh and locally sourced ingredients. From flavorful curries to hearty salads, Green Leaf Bistro ensures that vegetarians have plenty of choices to satisfy their cravings.

Another noteworthy option is “Veggie Delights.” This restaurant prides itself on providing innovative and delicious vegetarian cuisine. With an emphasis on healthy eating and sustainability, Veggie Delights offers a diverse menu featuring plant-based dishes that are both nutritious and satisfying.

For those seeking a more upscale dining experience, “The Herbivore Haven” is the place to go. This elegant restaurant offers an exquisite ambience and boasts an impressive menu filled with gourmet vegetarian delicacies. From mouthwatering appetizers to indulgent main courses, The Herbivore Haven will surely delight even the most discerning palates.

In conclusion, if you’re searching for vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Koramangala that stand out, look at Green Leaf Bistro, Veggie Delights, and The Herbivore Haven. These establishments offer exceptional dining experiences with their diverse menus and commitment to providing high-quality vegetarian cuisine.

Which restaurant offers the best variety of cuisines in Koramangala?

When it comes to exploring a variety of cuisines in Koramangala, one restaurant stands out from the rest. With its diverse menu and impeccable flavours, THE STONE STREET offers an unparalleled culinary experience that caters to every palate.

From traditional Indian delicacies to exotic Asian fusion dishes, THE STONE STREET boasts many cuisines that satisfy even the most discerning food connoisseurs. This restaurant has everything, whether you’re craving mouthwatering Italian pasta, authentic Chinese dim sum, or flavorful Mexican tacos.

What sets THE STONE STREET apart is the variety of cuisines it offers and the quality and authenticity of each dish. The talented chefs use only the freshest ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to ensure an unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner for two or a gathering with friends and family, THE STONE STREET provides a welcoming ambience that complements its diverse menu. The attentive staff members are always ready to assist you in choosing the perfect dishes to suit your taste preferences.

So, if you’re looking for a restaurant in Koramangala that offers an extensive selection of cuisines under one roof, look no further than THE STONE STREET. Embark on a culinary journey like no other and indulge in flavours from around the world at this gastronomic haven.

What are some must-try dishes or specialities at the restaurants in Koramangala?

must-try dishes, specialities, The Stone Street restaurants, Koramangala

Do any of the restaurants in Koramangala have outdoor seating options?

When dining out, many people prefer to enjoy their meals outdoors. The ambience and fresh air enhance the overall dining experience. If you are wondering whether any of the restaurants in Koramangala offer outdoor seating options, you’re in luck.

Koramangala is known for its vibrant food scene, and several restaurants in the area understand the allure of outdoor dining. Whether you’re looking for a cosy cafe or a fine dining establishment, there are options available that cater to your preference for al fresco dining.

With beautiful weather and pleasant surroundings, these restaurants provide the perfect setting to indulge in delicious food while enjoying the outdoors. So if you appreciate a meal with a side of sunshine or a gentle breeze, rest assured that there are establishments in Koramangala that offer outdoor seating options.

Whether it’s for a casual brunch with friends or a romantic dinner under the stars, these restaurants understand the importance of creating an inviting atmosphere that complements their culinary offerings. So go ahead and explore Koramangala’s restaurant scene – you might find your new favourite spot with an outdoor seating option.

Are there any budget-friendly or economical restaurant options in Koramangala?

budget-friendly, economical, restaurant options, Koramangala

Do the top restaurants in Koramangala offer delivery services or takeout options?

The top restaurants in Koramangala have adapted to the changing times and offer convenient delivery services and takeout options for their customers. In today’s fast-paced world, where convenience is critical, these restaurants understand the importance of providing multiple ways for customers to enjoy their delicious offerings.

Whether you’re craving a gourmet meal or a quick bite, you can now easily order from the comfort of your own home or office. With just a few clicks on their user-friendly websites or mobile apps, you can browse menus, select your favourite dishes, and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Not only do these restaurants prioritize customer satisfaction by offering delivery services, but they also provide takeout options for those who prefer to pick up their orders.

 This allows customers to enjoy their favourite meals on the go or in the comfort of their surroundings.

By embracing technology and adapting to the needs of their customers, the top restaurants in Koramangala have made it more convenient than ever before to savour their delectable cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner at home or a quick lunch during a busy workday, these restaurants have got you covered with their reliable delivery services and convenient takeout options.